Mohammad Nazeer Abbas

Nazeer Abbas is currently working as a lecturer of philosophy at a college in Mangaluru. He has pursued his Post Graduation in philosophy and psychology. He is well trained in classical Arabic and Urdu languages and has acquired proficiency in English, Kannada, Tulu, Beary and Malayalam. He has presented about ten academic papers at seminars and conferences across India and abroad. He frequently writes in Kannada and English and has authored and edited many translations. Currently he works as the editor of Thijori and as a freelance content provider for many firms.

Muhammad Faiz AKA Faiz Vitla

Muhammad Faiz AKA Faiz Vitla, a freelance journalist and poet, hails from Coastal Karnataka, India. He has completed his Undergraduate degree in Journalism from Mangalore University. He is actively involved in public discourse concerning religion, cinema and politics in Karnataka and is a competent translator of articles from English and Malayalam.

Shameer Peruvaje

Muhammad Shameer Peruvaje is based in the Karnataka state of south India. He received his bachelor's degree in commerce from Banglore University. He has  trained in classical Islamic studies in the traditional Madrasas of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, which follow the Darse-Nizami curriculum. He translates works from Arabic, Urdu, English, Malayalam, and Arabi Malayalam into Kannada. In addition to these languages, he is fluent in Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, and Beary. He is also a keen observer of Indian politics, and cricket.

Swalih Thodar

Swalih Thodar is an accomplished writer in Kannada who has written and translated over 30 books. He is well known for his translation of renowned scholar and mystic Martin Linghs's biography of Prophet Muhammad into Kannada language. He worked as the editor of a few Kannada magazines and is a regular columnist. He is a skilled writer of poems, short stories, essays, political commentary and literary reviews. He holds a post graduate degree in Kannada literature from Mangalore University. He is looking forward to publishing the finish drafts of more than 10 books he has written in Kannada language.

Zubair Ahmed Parappu

Zubair Ahmed Parappu is a short story writer and translator from Karnataka. He is known for his mastery in Kannada language. He has developed an interest in literature during his school days which was further nurtured by his family that loves books. Zubair Ahmed owns a good collection Arabic, English, Malayalam and Kannada books. Currently he works as a teacher.